CIC-E / CIC-ST Type Loadcell In Feeder


Quantitative Feeder with an Internal Load Cell

Conventional feed system functions (feed, weighing, and control) are all performed by this single unit.

  • Covers all conventional functions in a single unit, rendering separate weighing hoppers and charge equipment unnecessary. Enables the minimization of space required for these tasks.
  • As the load cell is installed into the feeder, feed rate control is possible without negative external influences such as vibration and other contact.
  • The powder weight inside the feeder can be continuously measured by the small-format load cell, allowing accurate feed rate control.
  • Multiple-direction (2-4 direction) types are also available, allowing continuous individual feed rate control.
CIC-E TypeControler ACEM-100

Comparative Flow : LOSS-IN-WEIGHT TYPE

Comparative Flow : LOSS-IN-WEIGHT TYPE

Point 1
Accurate and constant feeding gravimetry.No charge required, thus omits non weighing time during charge which the worst weak point of the loss-in weight system.

Point 2
Because real weight is measured in the supply mechanism, it is not necessary to measure the entire device. As a result, all the incidental equipment such as the measure hopper, charge devices, flexible joint and butterfly valves becomes unnecessary. And not only great reduction in costs but also a dramatic miniaturization is realized.

Point 3
It realizes highly accurate and wide-range control limits.
As so far the supply quantity becomes bulk, the weighing impliment itself upsizes and the load-cell capacity also became larger. But this new modle weighing implement measured only supply mechanism section, thus highly precise weighing is possible in a wide-range as measured weight is uniform regardless to the increase or decrease of feeding amount.

Point 4
No influence of external disturbance such as contact and vibration.
In comparison with the loss-in-weight severe installation condition, this device is needless for an anti-agitation measure. An installation condition is same as normal facilities, and of course the outdoor installment is possible, too.




Adhesion weight will not be measured. Only the actual weight being calculate and control.

A conventional indirect weighing type implement such as powder flow meter and table scale alwayas measured the weight of powder that adhered even somewhat in the device and adds continually as the supply quantity.
The point that the supply quantity is measured after all indirectly is the uncertainty with respect to precision problem.

Because the adhesion is not weighed as a load even it is somewhat generated in this device, the amount of actual supply is controlled by the operation.
And here it is one of the excellent features compare to the conventional indirect weighing type implement such as table scale,etc.




It realizes the actual weight measurement control continuously and independently even if it is multi-direction.

So far the indirect weighing type implement such as powder flow meter and table scale or the loss-in weight type weighing facilities divided into various series were used as continuous weighing control for the multi-direction.
However, there were problems such as the indirect weighing type which did not measure actual weight due to the influence of external disturbance and adhesion, installation space and the cost is very expensive for the facilities as the loss-in weight type were divided into various series.

This new model weighing implement performs independent actual weight measurement control continuously even if it is multi-direction.
Highly precise and it can realizes cost reduction and space-saving by simplifing the entire equipment.


Feed rate
Motor Power
CIC-E100 0.4m3/h 0.4~0.75kW 250kg
CIC-E200 1.5m3/h 0.75~1.5kW 450kg
CIC-E300 3.5m3/h 0.75~2.2kW 700kg
CIC-E400 10m3/h 1.5~3.7kW 1200kg
Feed rate
Motor Power
Feeder Motor
Agitator Motor
CIC-ST50-2 ~ 4W 200L/h(×2 ~ 4W) 0.75kW 0.75kW 750 ~ 1300kg
CIC-ST100-2 ~ 4W 400L/h(×2 ~ 4W) 0.75kW 0.75kW 750 ~ 1300kg
CIC-ST200-2 ~ 4W 1.5m3/h(×2 ~ 4W) 0.75kW 1.5kW 1000 ~ 1400kg
CIC-ST300-2 ~ 4W 4m3/h(×2 ~ 4W) 1.5kW 2.2kW 1100 ~ 1500kg
CIC-ST400-2 ~ 4W 10m3/h(×2 ~ 4W) 1.5kW 2.2kW 1600 ~ 2200kg

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