T Type Table Feeder


For the Feed of Various Forms of Materials

Continuous Feed is Possible without Deformation of the Material.

  • Allows the feed of flake, pellet, powder, cluster, and fiber materials.
  • Continuous feed without pulsation is made possible because of its flat type feeding table.
  • Forcibly extracts material from inside the feeder, therefore no material remains.

T Type


Power or granular material stocked in the Hopper is charged and replaced to the Feeding Table 7 from the Upper Vessel 9 , and is moved along the Scrape Plate 6 and discharged continuously from the Exit Chute 4 . The adjustment of the Feeding Volume is done by the revolution change and the adjustment of the Exit Gate 10 .

No. Name
1 Motor
2 Reduction Gear
3 Vertical Shaft
4 Exit Chute
5 Bottom Pan
6 Scrape plate
7 Feeding Table
8 Lower Vessel
9 Upper Vessel
10 Exit Gate

T Type Construction

Feed rate
Motor Power
T-03 500L/h 0.75kW 400kg
T-05 2m3/h 1.5kW 700kg
T-07 5m3/h 1.5kW 1100kg
T-10 10m3/h 2.2kW 1700kg
T-15 30m3/h 5.5kW 3200kg
T-20 50m3/h 11kW 5000kg
T-24 60m3/h 15kW 7000kg

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